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Raw Bandwidth
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San Bruno, CA 94066-7305
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Welcome to Raw Bandwidth...

We are an Internet Service Provider specializing in broadband Internet access services for both business and residential customers in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area--San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and cities in between and neighboring, including Santa Cruz and up the coast to the Oregon border.  We also provide Nationwide Dialup Internet Access services, server colocation in a San Francisco data center (or pure bandwidth to others with their own space in the building), and web hosting and email services suitable for customers anywhere in the world.  We are locally owned and operated, have been providing service since 1997, and are a stable company you can count on.


Services We Offer

The Services section of our website list our most popular services, but it's impossible to list everything can do since we customize solutions to meet individual customer needs.  We provide services using a variety of technologies and deliver service using wholesale network elements from just about any carrier that makes sense.  We are also leveraging the latest technologies to provide high bandwidth solutions up to a gigabit/sec to individual enterprise customers needing significant bandwidth, and to multi-tenant office buildings and multiple dwelling residential buildings to deliver the best value available in the marketplace.  We invite you to contact us to explain what you are trying to achieve in terms of bandwidth and other features, with details about your location(s), and we'll discuss with you the best solutions we can offer.


Our CLEC Deployment

A current primary initiative is the rollout of our own facilities-based network through our carrier subsidiary, Raw Bandwidth Telecom, Inc.  We are deploying multi-service access equipment to provide ADSL2+, Ethernet over Copper, and other advanced services.  We have coverage via this new network online in significant portions of San Francisco, South San Francisco, and San Bruno, and will continue to incrementally expand the availability of this service, driven by demand from both existing and new customers.  In some cases, even a single customer for a an Ethernet over Copper service, or a DS3, is sufficient to justify deployment into a wire center, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your needs regardless of the existing coverage of our CLEC network.