You can use this page to ftp the latest versions of Tsoft's NFS Clients for MS-DOS/Windows. The software functions in a demo mode until a license is purchased and registration key is applied. The registration key can be applied to all releases of the software for a year after your registration date, so you get one year of free upgrades. Note that if you purchase a multi-machine license, you'll receive a single key with multiple copies encoded in it; you can install the key once and copy the registered software to your other machines... there's no per-machine customization necessary!

In order to better evaluate the software, you may want to request an evaluation key; the evaluation key removes the demo restrictions for a limited period (approx. 45 days) so that you can test the software as it'll function once you register it.

The descriptions below of the four different versions of Tsoft's NFS Clients which are available (intended for different TCP/IP stacks) are intended to help you decide which one you need to get. This page also has pointers to other software of interest sprinkled about in the discussion.

WatTCP / Built-in TCP/IP

The WatTCP client has a built-in TCP/IP stack. It can coexist with most other TCP/IP stacks using the built-in Pktdrvr multiplexor, the included dispktmx.dos driver for coexisting with NDIS-based stacks. If you want to coexist with Trumpet Winsock or Microsoft's TCP/IP-32, this is the one you want.

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Novell TCP/IP Stack aka LAN Workplace

Tsoft's NFS Client for Novell's TCP/IP Stack runs over the LAN Workplace TCP/IP stack (which includes a Winsock). We are able to offer this TCP/IP stack at minimal extra cost (see our pricing page) and it's an excellent way to get a Winsock.dll and/or SLIP/PPP support with our clients. You may also find Novell's TCP/IP included with other software since Novell has a fairly widespread licensing program for it... it's included with Desqview/X and several other X display server packages for PCs.

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Microsoft LAN Manager TCP/IP and stacks from HP and 3Com

Tsoft's NFS Client for Microsoft's LAN Manager TCP/IP runs over the TCP/IP which MS has made available for their DOS LAN Manager client. The TCP is available for ftp from

Hewlett-Packard and 3Com also have released TCP/IP stacks which are binary compatible with MS LanMan TCP/IP, so our LanMan NFS version runs over them as well.

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Trumpet TCPDRV

Tsoft's NFS Client for Trumpet TCPDRV runs over Trumpet International's DOS TCP/IP stack. This shouldn't be confused with Trumpet Winsock (see Tsoft's NFS Client with built-in TCP/IP above if you're using Trumpet Winsock).

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