Requesting an Evaluation key for Tsoft's NFS Clients

You can use this form to request an 'Evaluation Key' for Tsoft's NFS Clients. Our NFS Client software for DOS/Windows functions with some restrictions before it's registered, in particular there is a registration reminder screen and delay when the driver starts, and mounted drives will stop functioning fully after the driver has been loaded for 60 minutes (restarting restores drives). The Evaluation Key will remove those restrictions for a period of approximately 30-45 days so that you can fully evaluate the software as it'll function forever once registered.

When you license/register our software, you'll receive a permanent registration key, which can be applied to the current release of the software as well as new versions released within a year of your registration date (one year of free upgrades). You can quickly FTP updated versions of our software from the Internet or our BBS, and apply your registration key to remove demo restrictions. Note that when you register multiple machines under a single license, you'll receive a single key which can be used to make a master registered client, then copy it to the other machines you'll use the client on without any per-machine customization; no hassles for administers of large networks!

If you want more information on our clients, you can go back to the top of our NFS client information. Thanks for your interest!

If you have any trouble with this form, you may send the information requested below to, or use the EVAL.TXT form in any of the current client distributions instead.

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We'd love to hear what you're looking for in an NFS client. If your comments sound like they need a response, we will! Feel free to email future comments or questions to


Thanks for your interest in our software!

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