Step 1: Price the License

This is the first step in ordering Tsoft's NFS Clients online--calculating the price of the license you want. Complete the form below and click the submit button. An UNOFFICIAL price quote will be generated for the license size and type specified and displayed for you.

[The following order completion is not done yet; you may still use this step to price the license.]
On the screen after selecting submit, you'll have the opportunity to enter your contact and payment information if you'd like to complete your order. The calculated license price, any past licenses, and other information will be verified by a human and your order completed; if there are any problems or discrepancies, you'll be contacted instead.

What type of license is this?


How many copies are you interested in purchasing? (one per machine)

If you already hold a license and you are increasing its size, how big is your existing license (leave blank if not)?

Would you like a printed NFS manual and disk set?

It's identical to our online Postscript manual, printed double sided and spiral bound; not too fancy but much handier than doing it yourself. Cost is $9.95, or discounted to $5 if you're also ordering Novell's TCP stack below. (To order more than one, please contact Tsoft).

Would you like licenses for Novell's TCP stack?

It includes a Winsock.dll, and SLIP/PPP driver. We recommend it when you either need a Winsock with NFS, or need to run our client over SLIP/PPP. (Use with it).
Licenses are $5 each computer, but are discounted along with NFS licenses on our site license discount schedule for 5 or more copies. Manual and disk sets are $9.95 each, normally one set per order. If yes, just one Novell Manual and Disk set will be added to your order; if you'd like to order multiple sets, or you already have a Novell manual set and don't want another, please contact Tsoft sales. Sorry, but Novell's manuals are not available in electronic form and are generally needed to configure the software.

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