The following is pricing for Tsoft's NFS Clients. The package is available electronically--you can try before you buy--with a license purchased if you decide to use the Software. Optionally, printed manuals and Novell's TCP/IP Stack (with Winsock and SLIP/PPP dialer) are available for minimal extra cost. Site license discounts are available. Click here for info on downloading the software.

The typical printed manual packages work out as follows:

	Tsoft's NFS Client single-machine license,
			printed manual, and disk... $49.95
	Tsoft's NFS Client & Novell TCP/IP Stack (with Winsock)
			single-machine license, printed manuals,
			and (3) disk set... $59.95

Breakdown of the components is:

	Tsoft's NFS Client License (per machine)...  $40.00
	Educational/Home-user NFS License (per machine)...  $25.00
	Novell TCP/IP Stack license (per machine)...   $5.00
	Printed manual option... $9.95
                  discounted with Novell TCP/IP manual... $5.00
	Novell TCP/IP Stack manual and disk set... $9.95

For site licenses, the following discount schedule applies against licenses (before adding manuals and disks), based on the total number of Tsoft's NFS Client Licenses (you may have fewer Novell TCP/IP Stack licenses than Tsoft's NFS Client Licenses, but not the other way around; the licenses may not be split apart either):

       Quantity			Percentage Discount
	5-19				10%
	20-49				20%
	50-99				35%
	100-249				45%
	250-499				55%
	500+                     contact for furthur discounts

To place an order or to use our online order worksheet to calculate pricing, please click here.

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