Tsoft's NFS Clients for MS-DOS

Tsoft's primary software product is a collection of NFS Client software for MS-DOS/Windows.

We are no longer developing our VxD-based NFS client for Win9x and WfWg, it has been abandoned. Our DOS/Win3.x client is also not being developed with new features, but is fairly stable and is still supported by us.

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NFS is the Network File Sharing protocol, a standard for sharing files on computer networks originally developed by Sun Microsystems, now used widely to share files amongst Unix and Unix-like computers over TCP/IP networks, and is growing in popularity among other operating system users. A number of NFS-for-PC vendors are out there; our product is a low cost, reliable, and often times faster-performing alternative. It's also very highly configurable.

Our clients allow DOS and Windows machines to mount file systems from NFS file servers onto DOS/Windows drive letters over a TCP/IP network, then access the remote drives as if they were local. This allows you to share data and executables amongst DOS/Win machines, as well as machines running a wide variety of other operating systems. You can use an NFS file server (or servers) and our software to replace Novell Netware™ and other file sharing systems.

Our currently shipping products are DOS TSRs, and Windows may be loaded after the NFS client has started; we include a minimal Windows Network Driver. We support four distinct TCP/IP stacks, including a built-in stack (WatTCP) which runs over a Pktdrvr and can coexist with most any other TCP/IP stack via included multiplexors (even ODI and NDIS -based stacks). Other stacks include Novell's LAN Workplace (we can license Novell's TCP stack, which includes a Winsock.DLL, to you at very low additional cost with our software), Microsoft LAN Manager TCP/IP, and Trumpet TCPDRV.

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