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Appropriate Use Policy

Last updated: May 4, 2008

This Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) applies to your use of Raw Bandwidth's services. Its purpose is to ensure that Raw Bandwidth's customers comply with generally accepted principals of conduct on the Internet to protect Raw Bandwidth's ability to interconnect its network with other internet networks, and preserve other Raw Bandwidth customers' ability to communicate successfully on the Internet. This policy may be revised from time to time with these goals in mind by updating of this web page. Raw Bandwidth may take necessary technical steps to ensure compliance with this AUP, from filtering services to suspending services. If a filter or suspension is necessary, Raw Bandwidth will use reasonable efforts to contact you prior to applying such filter or suspension, however depending on the severity and/or urgency of the violation, action may need to be taken prior to contact, in which case we will attempt to contact you immediately thereafter. Repeated violations of this AUP, particularly when reasonably determined to be intentional, may be grounds for service termination for cause by Raw Bandwidth, and may be subject to any early termination charges contained in your service agreement.

  • You may not send 'SPAM' or unsolicited commercial or bulk email. Email is considered SPAM if it is sent in bulk to recipients who have not requested it regardless of the content of the messages, or if it is commercial email sent even to a smaller number of users who have not requested it.

  • You may send commercial email or advertisements, or any type of bulk email, only to those persons or email addresses which specifically and knowingly request to receive it. Effort should be made to verify that a request to add an email address to your mailing list is in fact authorized by the owner of that email address; one way of accomplishing this is to send a single confirmation email in response to a specific request to be added, without any advertising component, asking the recipient to confirm their subscription by clicking a unique link or responding with a unique code. Such a confirmation should not be re-sent if no response is received. An option to subscribe to such a list contained on a form whose primary purpose is something else, such as to make a specific purchase, is frowned upon unless the option to subscribe defaults to 'off'.

  • You may not advertise resources made available over Raw Bandwidth's services by SPAM, even if the SPAM itself does not touch Raw Bandwidth's network. This includes, for example, SPAM you send or have a third-party send on your behalf via another network which advertises a website that you host using Raw Bandwidth's services.

  • You may not use Raw Bandwidth's services to provide SPAM support services, including distribution of software tools with a principal purpose or ability of enabling others to SPAM. If you wish to distribute content which has other substantial legitimate uses but are concerned it may run afoul of this item, please contact Raw Bandwidth to discuss it.

  • You may not use Raw Bandwidth's services to engage in any illegal activity.

  • You may not distribute or make use of any copyrighted material or other intellectual property if you don't own appropriate rights in the material, or have other legal permission of the rightful owner to your distribution or use.

  • You may not use Raw Bandwidth's services in a manner attempting to compromise the security of Raw Bandwidth or any other entity connecting to the Internet, including other Raw Bandwidth customers. This section does not apply if you are performing penetration testing legitimately requested by the targeted entity, however you are advised to notify Raw Bandwidth technical support of your intentions in advance of what you will be doing.

  • You may not use Raw Bandwidth's services in a manner which attempts to, or actually does whether intended or not, disrupt or deny services to Raw Bandwidth, other customers of Raw Bandwidth, or other Internet users connected to any network.