Server Colocation

Raw Bandwidth offers colocation services at 200 Paul Ave. in San Francisco. Our focus is on providing bandwidth and circuits so we only offer small amounts of space ourselves; if you need more than about 1/4 cabinet, please contact Raw Bandwidth and we will direct you to a representive of the facility itself where you can purchase space directly starting at 1/2 cabinet, and still purchase your bandwidth from us.  As a consequence of us not running or staffing our own facility, access to your hardware when you get your space from us is by appointment. We'll provide the occasional system reset or other simple assist at no charge. We generally no longer accept mid-tower and other types of desktop PC cases; instead we require equipment to be in 19" rack-mountable chassis. Some exceptions made be made for small, odd sized equipment that is not available in a rack-mount configuration. Your machine should be VGA capable--a VGA monitor and keyboard is available for your use when you visit. Colocation of other hardware (ie, Suns, Macs, etc.) is negotiable.

If you're interested in our bandwidth at another carrier-neutral colo facility in Norther California, please let us know; we are looking for opportunities to expand our service to other facilities. If you have any questions, please email or phone us and we'll be glad to answer them.

Space and Power

Typical pricing:

  • 1U or 2U server: $99.95/mo
  • Additional 1U of space (for larger servers): $25/mo
  • Setup fee: $125 for first machine, $50 for each additional

Each machine includes up to 1.0 amps of 120V power. Additional power is $30/mo per 0.5 amps, and is subject to availability; building servers for aggressively low power consumption is encouraged.  All power is UPS and generator backed. Each server receives 1 ethernet switch port; if you locate multiple machines, LAN traffic between your machines is not counted in your bandwidth utilization measurements. Each colo customer can receive a /29 IP block (5 usable addresses); more addresses are available on a negotiable basis, typically at little to no charge subject to justification and a commensurate bandwidth commitment.

Example: You want to locate a 2U and a 4U server, using a total of 3.5 amps of power. Your monthly charges for space and power would be: $99.95 for the 2U, $149.95 for the 4U, and $90 for an extra 1.5 amps of power.


Bandwidth is typically provided using 95%tile measuring, with better prices offered as the minimum commitment increases. You may change your commitment level only at the beginning of the calendar month measuring cycle, by providing notice at least 5 days advanced notice. There is no charge to upgrade the bandwidth commitment, but a $50 one-time charge to downgrade it.  Please contact us for bandwidth pricing.  The minimum commitment for bandwidth is typically $50/mo.

95%tile Measuring has become more or less a de-facto standard for measuring Internet access bandwidth. Every 5 minutes, the utilization of your connection is logged. At the end of the month, the top five percent of samples in each direction are thrown out, and the next highest traffic measurement in each direction is the 95%tile measurement for that direction. You are billed based on the higher of the 95%tile measurement for incoming or outgoing usage on your connection. 95%tle measuring has the effect that you can briefly burst above the speed you ultimately wind up paying for. The rate you pay per Mbps is based on your minimum traffic commitment.  You can burst to 100Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet ports are available subject to negotiation and a substantial minimum bandwidth commitment.

Bandwidth: Flat-rate port

We can also sell you a port for a flat-rate and you can use as much of it as you want, at 10Mbps or 100Mbps.  Flat-rate speed profiles other than a port speed are also available, subject to negotiation.

All terms and parameters of these accounts, both explicit and implied, are subject to change without notice prior to the account being implemented, and with reasonable notice (generally 30 days) after the account has been activated. Raw Bandwidth may, in its discretion, "grandfather" advantagious terms and/or pricing for an existing customer or group of customers.