Shell / Web / Email Hosting Accounts

Raw Bandwidth primarily provides Internet access services, but we also host customer's email and websites, and offer pure hosting accounts to customers without any Internet access services with us.  Most of our Internet access service accounts come with several email boxes for addresses, or to receive email destined for addresses at your own domain name.  Most of our Internet access accounts also include 50MB of web hosting space associated with the primary email account that you can use to host a website under a<login> with static content.  If you want to have the capability to have active content on your website such as CGI or PHP scripts, a mysql database, or increase your disk space to 500MB, you can upgrade your web hosting to a full shell account on a FreeBSD server for $6/mo.  If you don't have any Internet access account with us at all, you can get one of our FreeBSD Shell accounts and access it from anywhere on the Internet for $15/mo.  If you'd like to host your website under your own domain on our server, the first step is to obtain or upgrade to the shell account, and then each distinct website you host in the shell is $7/mo.

When we host email for customers, we don't charge anything extra to handle email at your own domain name, cost is based on the email boxes on our server, and can forward some addresses at your own domain to offsite email addresses.   Access to your email on our server is available via both POP and IMAP protocols, but full IMAP with server-side mailboxes is only available for email accounts that are also shell accounts, where the server-side mailboxes count as part of your disk space usage.  For email-only accounts (not also a shell account), the only server-side mailbox available other than your inbox is the 'filtered' mailbox where suspected SPAM is moved (if you enable our SPAM filtering).

Some customers are interested in a FreeBSD shell account for use for other purposes besides web and email hosting, and our Shell accounts support that too.  We have a full complement of email and UseNet news reading software installed on our shell (note as of 8/1/2017 we no longer provide access to an outsourced Usenet server, but you may connect to open servers or those you have your own account with), as well as programming tools and other applications requested by customers.  If you want to ensure particular software is installed or inquire as to whether we'd be willing to install certain software, please feel free to contact us.

Network Shell Account: $15.00/mo. as standalone account

Setup fee: FREE

The shell features of this account are available as a $6/mo. option to many of our access service accounts.

The Network/Telnet Shell is the account you want if you just want to telnet/rlogin/ssh-in from the Internet. No dialup of any kind is included with Network/Telnet Shell.
This account includes:

    • Telnet/rlogin/ssh access to your Shell from the Internet
    • 3GB of disk space for Web/FTP publishing and your shell home directory
    • 20GB/mo. of Web/FTP data serving
    • CGI-BIN directory; scripts run as your UID
    • PHP support
    • One mysql database included, activated on request (requires assignment of disk space from overall quota in 100MB blocks)

Optional Features:

    • 10GB of Web/FTP data serving traffic @ $2/block (as incurred)
    • Virtual Web/FTP/Email site @ $7/mo. and/or to your root data
    • Email user(s) can be forwared to multiple mailboxes (offsite forwarding simply counts against your served data transfer)
    • Additional Disk Space Quota
    • Additional POP email box @ $3/mo/ea