Account Extras and Addons

Here are some extras you can add to various accounts we offer:

Additional Disk Space (Quota)

Additional disk space is available if you have a Shell Account ($6/mo option with most base accounts). The Shell Account includes 500MB of disk space. If you have a base account with 50MB personal web space (such as PPP-only or DSL), then adding the Shell option is your first step for more space (as well as CGI capability for your website).  There is no setup/change charge to add disk space quota, however there is a $10 change charge to reduce your disk quota if you reduce it less than three months after you have increased it. Once it has been at least three months since your last disk quota increase, you may request your quota be reduced with no change charge. On any change, up or down, the monthly charges are prorated appropriately.

Additional Block Size Price/month
500MB $3.75
1,000MB $5.00
5,000MB $20.00

Quota blocks purchased are added to the space included with your account to determine your total disk quota. You may add quota blocks in any combination to achieve the total disk space you desire. To see how much much quota you have available, issue the command 'df -k ~' at the shell prompt. The 'Avail' column shows you the unused space that you have available overall. Note the first numeric column for 1K-blocks may not be your total disk quota if you have domain web or FTP hosting because usage in those spaces shares the overall quota dynamically; you can use 'df -k <directory>" (such as 'df -k /home/web/') to check the usage in these spaces. The 'Used' space from each of your spaces, plus the 'Avail' space from any one of them (Avail shown in each is the shared available space), should add up to your total quota.

Disk quota is shared amongst your home directory, any web sites stored in your account, files you make available via anonymous FTP, and email. While email in your system inbox is not presently accounted for or automatically limited by your system enforced quota--due to the problems that can caused with bounced email--users are expected to move mail from their system inbox regularly so that it doesn't accumulate, such as downloading and deleting via POP or IMAP, or moving messages you desire to save on the server into mailboxes under your home directory, where they will be subject to the system quota enforcement.