Internet Access Service at the Shelter Creek Condominiums in San Bruno

Raw Bandwidth has enhanced Internet Access Service speeds available at the Shelter Creeks condominiums at 701 Shelter Creek Ln. (servicing all eight of the residential buildings on the property) in San Bruno. While DSL is used to extend the network into your apartment, the DSL equipment is on site, allowing us to offer much faster speeds than we could from the serving central office.

Residential Service Pricing:   (This service is standalone, no voice service from any provider is required.)

Speed (download/upload)* Dynamic IP
Static IP
(as of 8/14/06)*^
Up to 1.5Mbps/512Kbps

Up to 3Mbps/768Kbps

Up to 12Mbps/1.5Mbps

Up to 20Mbps/3.0Mbps


Most residential customers elect a Dynamic IP Address plan.

*^ Federal Universal Service fund is added to each plan, and may change from time to time, even during a term contract. Please see our FUSF FAQ. Raw Bandwidth reserves its right to add FCC, CPUC, or government fees, assessments, and taxes imposed on bundled telecommunications services or the Internet service itself.

* Downstream and upstream speeds on these services are dependent on your distance from our equipment and wiring quality, though most should be able to make full speed synch, and achieved speeds may be briefly impacted during periods of extraordinary heavy aggregate use, or to individual sites due to congestion or other issues beyond our network in the Internet.

One-time costs and other terms:

  • Installation fee: Free with 6-month term, or $25 with no term (6-month term commitment has worst-case $15/mo per month remaining uncompleted for months 2 through 6)
  • Minimum service period: One month, then prorated to the day for disconnection
  • Upgrade fee: $0, but must keep the new plan for at least a month (or may upgrade further and restart the month)
  • Downgrade fee: $10 if during 2nd or 3rd month after upgrade or install; no charge if downgrading at least three months after upgrade or install
  • Failure to return DSL equipment or returned damaged (normal wear and tear excepted): $40-150+tax based on replacement cost of particular model of equipment

Some notable points about this service:

  • All speed plans are available to all of the covered addresses.  There is some potential that inside wiring for a particular apartment could be in such poor shape that it's unable to support all speeds, but we haven't yet seen anything that bad, and if we discover that situation for your apartment, we'll advise you on any inside wiring changes you can make to resolve the issue.
  • We usually can install service for you within 72-hours, sometimes more quickly.
  • Unlike our general DSL offerings, service at Shelter Creek is overhead compensated, so your synch rate is faster than the headline service speed so that you can actually get the headline speed to the Internet; you don't need to subtract protocol overhead.
  • These plans have increased upload speed from our regular DSL plans with the same download speed.  We are also able to offer an up to 1.5Mbps plan at a budget price point which isn't financially feasible on our general DSL offering.  Prices listed are our regular prices, we don't lure you in with an intro price and we do not have a habit of raising prices on a regular basis like some of our competitors.  We believe in a fair price and long term customer relationships.
  • There are no bandwidth caps or overage charges, it's one flat rate for your apartment's connection.  We are committed to managing our network to avoid congestion and peak-period slowdowns.
  • Our longer term goal is to further upgrade the connection capacity we have into the complex so that we can offer even faster speed plans.  The best thing you can do to support this effort is sign up for service today as the more customers we have at the complex the easier it will be to justify the investment.  We believe we already have one of the best Internet access offerings for Shelter Creek residents in terms of reasonably fast speeds and consistent performance and that it should be a pretty easy choice, but our long term goal is to make it no question the best Internet service available to Shelter Creek residents.
  • A basic suitable DSL modem is loaned with service, and just needs to be returned upon disconnection.  Most customers add some sort of router, often with Wi-Fi, to connect multiple computers and/or support wireless devices.
  • These services utilize our own IP addressing and Internet bandwidth, and other services, giving us significant influence over the quality of your broadband experience.

Please email us or call (650) 802-8006 to place an order for this service!

This service is Bridged or Routed, and PPPoE is NOT used.  Service comes with one dynamic or static IP address (depending on plan) for a host or computer on your side of the connection. While we don't mind if you use Network Address Translation (NAT), you will need to provide your own device to perform NAT functions, and Raw Bandwidth does not provide technical support for customer's NAT devices or routers.

Additional IP addresses and subnet blocks are available on Static IP service as follows:

  • 2nd and 3rd individual IP address: $5.00/mo/ea
  • 3-bit subnet (5 usable IP addresses): $15.00/mo
  • 4-bit subnet* (13 usuable IP addresses): $30.00/mo
  • 5-bit to Full Class C** (29 to 253 usable IP addresses): $xx/mo

* Subnets of 4-bits or larger must be justified based on need.
** More than a Class C may be available on a negotiated basis.

Raw Bandwidth's residential DSL services are provided at a flat-rate, regardless of how much Internet access traffic you consume each month.  We do not permit sharing of your DSL connection outside of your own dwelling unit, due to the actuarial assumptions about use of your connection. You may share it with your roommates and family members who live with you, but may not use it to provide Internet access to your neighbors or the general public, whether via wired or wireless connections, for free or for charge. If you would like to resell/give/trade your connection (all termed 'resale' whether you receive money or not), please contact us to negotiate pricing for a resellable connection. We are open to using DSL lines for such purpose, but Residential DSL pricing is predicated on assumptions for typical traffic/usage by the residents of a single dwelling unit.  Running servers on our DSL services that have static IP addressing is permitted.

Click these to review more detailed information related to our DSL service:

Additional Services Included with DSL

Your DSL connection also comes with the following at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

  • Three (3) POP email boxes or your own domain if you have one
  • DNS hosting of your domain name for email purposes (registration fees additional, or register wherever you like), and pointing hosts to your network including to your web server, if desired (only allowed on static IP services).
  • or optionally secondary DNS servers if you host your own domain on static IP service.

Additional Services to Add to DSL

  • Additional POP email box on our server @ $3/mo/ea.
  • Shell account (first): $6/mo.
    • Included: 10GB of disk space
    • Included: 10GB/mo. of Web/FTP data serving
    • Included: CGI-BIN directory; scripts run as your UID
    • Additional Disk Space Quota
    • Additional: 1GB of Web/FTP data serving traffic @ $2/block, as incurred
    • Option: Virtual Web/FTP hosting @ $7/mo. (max 3 per shell)
  • Shell account (second and beyond): $12/mo/ea.
    • Options for additional shell accounts... same as with first shell.

6-Month Prepayment by Check Discount Offer

A discount of 10% for 6-month prepayment by check or money order is presently available for prepayment of the base monthly DSL charge (not available with credit card payment). Billing for new accounts will be prorated to the calendar month for an approximately 6-month period; existing accounts may elect this offer for the next regular bill, provided account is fully current. Additional services such as extra IP address, shell account, and domain hosting must be paid through the same period, and most also receive this discount. This offer is not in and of itself a term commitment; if adjustments to the account are made mid-period, credits or billing will be issued, and the terms of any seperate term agreement, if any, will be applied as applicable; then, refund of credit balance, if any, is available for closed accounts. Discount may be revoked if invoice becomes past due, or if payment instrument on this or any previous payments made to us is returned unpaid (ie. NSF check). You are not obligated to continue with 6-month billing after a prepaid period; simply request that we change your account to regular billing without this discount. Note Federal USF is NOT discounted by this offer, nor are equipment costs or other non-recurring fees. This offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time and changes or withdrawal will not affect your obligations to complete any applicable term commitments or comply with other agreements with us; you may elect to prepay for up to 12-months to ensure this discount is available for your full term commitment. This offer is available to existing customers.

All terms and parameters of these accounts, both explicit and implied, are subject to change without notice prior to the account being implemented, and with reasonable notice (generally 30 days) after the account has been activated. Raw Bandwidth may, in its discretion, "grandfather" advantagious terms and/or pricing for an existing customer or group of customers.