Pre-Qualify or Order DSL

This form is used to request that Raw Bandwidth check if an address will support DSL (pre-qualify) or to place an order for DSL service.  Please complete this entire form, regardless of whether you are just requesting an address qualification for DSL service, or whether you also want to order the service. Please complete it just like you would if you were ordering, even if you are only requesting a prequalification. It's easier for us to gather this all now than in two phases when later committing the order. We need a street address where service will be installed, as well as a telephone number for the plain telephone line at the location which you want to add DSL service to.

Should we place a line order immediately if it appears you qualify?

No, pre-qualify my line only. We will do various checks to determine if we likely can get you DSL service at your location. Disqualification after an order is placed and installation attempted is always a possibility with any DSL service.
YES! I'm ready for DSL. We will immediately place a DSL service order to connect you to us if it appears you can get service. We will contact you shortly with a due date or to advise of any delays or issues. Installation of service can take from three business days to two weeks depending on a number of factors.

Billing Name: * (as it appears on the phone bill)

Contact Name: (leave blank if same as billing name)

Email Address: *

Desired Login: * (two to 8 characters, will be *login*; if you're a current customer, put your current login please)

The Service Telephone Number should be the plain telephone line (not ISDN) you would want to add DSL service to (or it is currently installed on if you are moving service to us from another ISP). If you don't have an existing line you want to add DSL to, please call Raw Bandwidth before placing this prequalification or order. Note that you must have (and pay for) an analog phone line on the same copper pair as the DSL line, so if you plan to disconnect a second line you use for modem calls (for example), do not use it here for DSL service, use your voice line or some other line instead.  It is easiest if the line does not have a monitored burglar/fire alarm system connected to it; DSL likely can be placed on such a line, but it requires more complicated wiring installation.

Service Telephone Number: * (at the service address, with area code)

Contact Evening Phone Number: (where we can reach you, blank if same)

Contact Day Phone Number: (where we can reach you during the day)

Please be sure to include any applicable apartment number in the street address where you want DSL service below...

Street Line 1: *

Street Line 2:

City: *, CA Zip Code: * (ZIP CODE!)

What type of service/line speed would you like to get?

Residential with 12-month term (must complete and return the dsl term agreement[pdf]

Residential Upto 384Kbps/128-384K - 12 Month Term - $43.95/mo (really is 384Kbps max download)

Residential 384K-1.5Mbps/128-384K - 12 Month Term - $44.95/mo (the most typical residential selection)

Residential 1.5-3.0Mbps/384-512K - 12 Month Term - $49.95/mo (becoming much more popular)

Residential 3-6Mbps/512-768K - 12 Month Term - $69.95/mo

Residential month-to-month (+$60 INSTALL):

Residential Upto 384Kbps/128-384K - Month-to-Month - $59.95/mo (really is 384Kbps max download)

Residential 384K-1.5Mbps/128-384K - Month-to-Month - $59.95/mo

Residential 1.5-3.0Mbps/384-512K - Month-to-Month - $69.95/mo

Residential 3-6Mbps/512-768K - Month-to-Month - $99.95/mo

Business with 12-month term (must complete and return the dsl term agreement[pdf]):

Business Upto 384K/128-384K - 12 Month Term - $49.95/mo

Business 384K-1.5Mbps/128-384K - 12 Month Term - $49.95/mo

Business 1.5M-3Mbps/384-512K - 12 Month Term - $69.95/mo

Business 3-6Mbps/512-768K - 12 Month Term - $149.95/mo

Business month-to-month (+$60 INSTALL):

Business Upto 384K/128-384K - Month-to-Month - $79.95/mo

Business 384K-1.5Mbps/128-384K - Month-to-Month - $79.95/mo

Business 1.5M-3Mbps/384-512K - Month-to-Month - $99.95/mo

Business 3-6Mbps/512-768K - Month-to-Month - $199.95/mo

Downstream and/or upstream speeds available on the services with ranges of speeds is determined by line distance and quality from the serving Central Office or Remote Terminal. In some cases, the maximum upstream speed you receive may be further limited by a combination of the maximum download speed you can achieve and the profiles made available by AT&T ASI, the wholesale DSL Transport provider we utilize (ie. if you aren't able to make the top end of the download speed in the offering you've selected, we may not be able to deliver the top end of your upload even if your line could technically handle it). If you select a service offering we don't think you'll make, we will contact you regarding your order. Note that even if you pre-qualify for a service speed, impediments discovered at service installation may limit you to a slower speed service, and we cannot be sure until service is installed. You may select and pay for a speed upto the maximum speed AT&T ASI is able to get at your location, however we may not be able to get you the speed you order but will deliver and bill for the maximum possible speed. If based on prequal distance estimates and other knowledge we don't think it likely you'll make the ordered speed at your address, we will contact you to discuss it beforehand, but in any case we simply cannot guarantee what the max attainable speed will be. It is also possible for speed to degrade over time, particularly with marginal lines, so a billing adjustment can be necessary even after service is installed. Also note that line speeds quoted are raw DSL bit rates. Subtract approximately 15% for ATM and TCP/IP overhead for what you'll expect to see on a file transfer (ie. about 160Kbytes/sec for a 1.5Mbps speed).

If the billing address is the same as the service address, please leave this box blank, otherwise please enter the complete billing address below:

Please select your payment method: *

Monthly credit-card autocharge (no surcharge)

Monthly invoice for check/money order payment ($1 surcharge if your total monthly bill is under $75)

Invoice every two months for check/money order payment (no surcharge)

6-Month Invoice for check/money order pre-payment with 10% discount (special offer per DSL information page) 

You should review our billing policy. For orders committed after March 1, 2002, we require prepayment for any equipment costs and the first month of service before submitting your line order to AT&T ASI. This payment is refundable if service is not available once any equipment shipped to you is promptly returned (within two weeks of notice that service is unavailable). If you selected an invoice payment method, we will contact you with the total and our mailing address for this payment. If you selected credit card, or would like to expedite your order by making this first one-time payment by credit card and subsequent payments by invoice, please contact us at 650-802-8006 and reference your name, selected username, and DSL phone number, and provide us your credit card information. If you are an existing customer of Raw Bandwidth, we will use your on-file credit card info if available, or if requesting an invoice we may waive, in our discretion, this prepayment if your account has a history of prompt payment via invoice.

Is this new service or do you have DSL with another ISP right now?

New ADSL Service

Have ADSL now with another ISP using an AT&T ASI line (such as with Pacbell Internet)

Have DSL now with another ISP using another line carrier (such as Covad)

If you are moving your existing line, there are many considerations and we will contact you to explain what has to happen and discuss options.

DSL is presently self-installed. Self installation is tool-less and involves placing filters between each and every device on the voice line with DSL except for the DSL modem itself. We will contact you to go over self installation. A full technical install is available, but is a chargeable service regardless of term and starts at $75 and up. We try to help as much as possible with your self installation. 

How many IP addresses do you need?

Single IP address (no additional charge)

2 IP addresses (add $3/mo business, $5/mo residential)

3 IP addresses (add $6/mo business, $10/mo residential only)

Upto 5 IP addresses (3-bit subnet--5 IPs, add $10/mo business, $15/mo residential)

Upto 13 IP addresses (4-bit subnet--13 IPs, add $20/mo business, $30/mo residential)

Fourteen or more IP address; we will contact you to qualify you and determine subnet size needed.

Without a router supporting Network Address Translation (NAT), or a proxy server between your computers and the DSL line, you'd need one IP address per computer. NAT and Proxies are perfectly acceptable to use with our service, however we do not provide technical support for your NAT or proxy device. With multiple IP addresses and a bridge, an ethernet hub or switch may be needed to connect them all to the bridge. Even with NAT, a handful of IP addresses may be desirable for certain server applications or for DMZ hosts.

Please make your hardware selection now even if you are just asking us to qualify your address. Your selection will only be used if you later commit your order.

Do you want to purchase an ADSL ethernet bridge (aka 'DSL Modem') package for $49.95 from us?

I don't know what I need.

Yes, send me a modem kit for $49.95+tax

Yes, send me a FREE bridge equipment package with 12 Month Term for service. Please carefully review the term agreement[pdf] and you will need to return a signed copy to us.

No, I already have my own equipment. (List make/model in comments).

What kind of DSL filters do you want us to send you?   Either of the two In-line filter options is included with the $49.95 ADSL bridge package.  If you select None, but ordered the ADSL bridge kit above, you'll be sent Five (5) In-line Filters by default.  If you do not order the ADSL bridge package, you'll be charged $19.95+tax for just a filter pack.  A splitter is $29.95+tax even if you take a free modem kit in exchange for a term commitment.  You can view a description of filtering options.


Five (5) In-line Filters

Four (4) In-line plus One (1) Wall-mount Filter

Splitter with Weather Housing (requires wiring knowledge)

Splitter for NID box (requires wiring knowledge, and open position in your modern NID housing) 

All filter pack and splitter choices come with a twisted-pair phone cord. Choices with In-line filters come with a T-adapter, or equivalent (such a filter with built in phone and DSL connections).

You will need an ethernet port on your computer to connect to the bridges we supply. If you supply your own hardware, we recommend using ethernet equipment exclusively, though USB or PCI devices also can work. If you need to add an ethernet port to your computer, we have SMC PCI ethernet cards available for $15/ea.+tax. If you want an ethernet card(s) from us, please note the number of cards needed in the comments below. If you do not order our ADSL bridge package, but wish to purchase ethernet card(s), a $5 shipping charge per order will apply. Limited to supply on hand.

If you are ordering hardware, and would like it shipped to an address other than the service address, please enter the complete shipping address below. All bridge equipment packages are generally shipped Fedex Ground and will require a signature. You may want to have it shipped to your work address if you will not be at home to receive it.

Comments -- Let us know anything else we might need such as make/model of DSL equipment you already have (and filters or splitter if you're supplying your own), due date for the phone line you're ordering DSL on if it's not already installed, etc.:

IMPORTANT: If ordering service now, or upon converting your inquiry to an order for service, billing for service commences on the earlier of the date AT&T/ASI closes out the DSL circuit installation order as complete or service actually begins working. If service is not actually functional on the date AT&T/ASI closes the order due to a faulty installation on AT&T/ASI's or Raw Bandwidth's part, credit for non-working service is available ONLY if you, the end-user, are diligent about resolving service problems with us. We cannot request credit weeks later if AT&T/ASI isn't promptly notified by us of service problems. In particular, we cannot credit you because you simply didn't have time to try the service or perform your part of the installation, or because you failed to obtain your equipment if providing your own (however, we will not bill you until you receive equipment from us if you ordered it from us on this order form at the time of original submission, if we do not have it delivered it to you before your due date). Additionally, please understand inside wire is your responsibility and we may have to refer you to outside contractors if your inside wire is in such bad shape that DSL cannot be supported on it, but DSL service will begin as soon as the service is activated successfully to the telephone demarcation point at your premise. If DSL service cannot be delivered successfully at your location, you may return any equipment purchased from us in as-delivered condition and completeness, and the service order will be canceled at no charge (inside wire work you may have authorized by AT&T/Pacbell, its affiliates, or third parties excepted).

In addition, if you selected the 12-Month Term Commitment option above (for a reduced monthly fee and/or free equipment), you will need to complete and send return a signed copy of the term agreement [pdf] to us at the address at the bottom of the agreement. You further agree that should you fail to return a properly completed the 12-Month Term agreement within two weeks after your DSL service installation due date, you consent to be billed for and to pay for service at the higher Month-to-Month rate for the service speed offering you selected above, and if an equipment package was requested, it will be billed the regular rate as well.